Ørsted, Maersk Oil, Hess, 3F and more

Background: A number of companies required a video for use in helicopter evacuation training performed under water.

Challenge: When working off-shore – and going there by helicopter – you need a HUET course. But not everyone is comfortable with the two-day course.

“I’ve heard that you’re being strapped into a helicopter mock-up and lowered underwater!” That’s right! “Also, I’ve heard that the helicopter will be turning upside down during the simulation – still underwater – and that you have to find your exit through a small window!” Right again!

Solution: Citizen Dane / RISK Film prepared a synopsis and later the film itself, where we – in a constructed documentary universe – follow a somewhat nervous young librarian graduate on his first HUET course.

Produced for: Maersk Oil, Hess, 3F, Dansk Metal, Dansk El-Forbund and Ørsted.

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