Jan Heidebo


Jan Heidebo is a graduate of the Film and Media Department at the University of Copenhagen, and since 2006 he has functioned as an in-house director at RISK Film.

Over time he has amassed a large number of productions for, among others, Maersk, Ørsted, DSB, ISS, Topdanmark, Carlsberg, Danish Crown, Chr. Hansen, Telia, Vestas, and Falck.

Through the years, Jan has accumulated a great deal of experience especially within the area of safety which has resulted in a long string of film and multimedia productions where he has successfully utilized devices such as fiction, animation, and drama.

In 1990, Jan started out as an independent film and TV producer, and in 2000 he became an editor within DR’s Educational Department.

Jan also works as a composer and musician.

And Jan has been Stage Host at the Roskilde Festival for several years. It is a role where he, in close collaboration with those responsible for audience safety, goes on stage and communicates important safety messages to the audience. 80,000 happy people in front of the Orange Scene who need to be informed, reassured and perhaps instructed – this is also safety communication.

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