Oil & Gas

Safety film and video communications for the offshore industry.

Maersk Oil Bowtie The bow tie model

Maersk Oil

Animated safety video.

Task Force1 Task Force Zero

Oil Gas Denmark

Video produced for the oil and gas safety conference.

Helicopter1 Helicopter Evacuation

Maersk Oil, Hess, 3F, Dansk Metal, Dansk El-Forbund and Ørsted

Helicopter evacuation procedures.

Hejre3 Kopi Hejre 3D animation


Hejre 3D animation

Safety1 Safety Induction

Maersk Drilling

To be shown to all newcomers upon arrival at the rig.

Dropped Objects 21 Dropped Objects

Maersk Oil

In a coarse language it is told how to avoid dangers from the heights.

Faldsikring1 Kopi On a String

Maersk Oil

A guide to using fall protection gear.

Hejre Jacket Kopi Hejre Jacket


Watched by 100.000 on YouTube

Oersted A Common Kopi A Common Platform


About cooperation, a professional workforce and good planning.

Oerene1 Mind Your Ears!


It's important to take care of your hearing.

Sikkertogeffektivt1 Kopi 2 Safe and Efficient

Maersk Oil

You can prevent accidents at a workplace completely.

Giv Klar Besked Kopi In Plain Words


How to interfere and put one's foot down - for safety.

Sushi Kopi Sushi


About the Japanese principle of "The five S's".


PET Rolls Royce Maersk Falck DSB Siemens Orsted3